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The handmade Industry in India

Indian handmade Industry is diversified and vibrant. The package is full of history, rich culture, and religion. All the states in India can be easily visualized through crafts and their specialty in the handmade sector. Textiles from Gujarat and fabric coloration from Rajasthan, the list goes on. Culture and tradition have embedded within rural communities for generations.

"Handicraft' refers to the processing of raw materials with basic tools or bare hands to create beautiful decorative products. The materials usually include rock, paper, clay, stone, cloth, etc. The skilled artisans process them and get the best out of them. The process requires a huge amount of skill, patience, and precision. A number of crafts are created in India. Crafts involving metals include zinc, Copper, Siler, Brass, Gold, etc. Some of the traditional handicrafts include Dhokra, Kamrupi, etc. India is heaven for handicraft shoppers due to its rich, and diversified culture.

Some of the common Handicrafts in India Consists of-

  1. Clothes

  2. Leather Crafts

  3. Wooden Crafts

  4. Pottery

  5. Jute Crafts

  6. Shells

  7. Metal Handicrafts

  8. Stones

  9. Paper Crafts

  10. Hand-printed textiles

  11. Marble crafts

  12. Paintings and earthenware

  13. Other miscellaneous products

The Crafts Industry in India comes along with way back in history, The skills have been passed from generations. The love for these clothes however remained unchanged.

Let us get to know some facts about Indian Handicraft Industry:

1. The rich Cultural Diversity provides a huge resource for developing handicrafts.

2. This Crafts Industry plays a significant role in Decentralized Sector in India.

3. The monetary value of crafts produced in 2019 was INR 26,213 Crores.[NCAER]

4. Creates employment opportunities for artisans including women and people belonging to backward regions.

5. India Contributes 1.2% of handicrafts to the world market.

6. Total exports sums up to INR 13412.92 Crores.

7. Handicrafts Industry contributes 1.51% in total indin exports.

Significance of the Handicraft industry In India

India is blessed with highly skilled artisans. And their creations are celebrated all over the Globe. In terms of economy, they hold an important position too. As per reports, The Indian handicraft Industry incorporates about 7.2 Million artisans and 67K exporters who endorse craftmanship in global markets. The industry usually serves the backward sections of society. They earn their livelihood from their art.

The crafts have been valued for generations. Designers such as Ritu Kumar and Ritu Virani are constantly embedding traditional crafts. There is a separate educational institution, the Indian Institute of Design, established in Jaipur, Rajasthan, etc.

Opportunities in Indian Handicraft Industry:

  1. Rising demand for handicrafts products in developed countries such as USA, Canada, Britain, etc.

  2. Developing fashion industry requirements

  3. Development of Tourism Industry

  4. The development of the e-commerce sector

Threats of Indian handicrafts Industry

  1. Level of competition in the market

  2. Balancing demand and supply

  3. Competing cheaper products such as products from Chinese markets

  4. Better options by established brands

  5. High Costs

E-Commerce and Handicrafts Industry

  1. The process requires planning and resources.

  2. Business needs to look at issues such as content, services, and competition

  3. Three categories-

    1. Business to business

    2. Business to Customers

    3. Business to Government


Since the beginning of civilization, the arts and crafts are always appreciated worldwide. India is blessed with a phenomenal heritage and culture which has led its craftsmanship to the next level.

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