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How to find Perfect Saree for your Body type?

Sarees are one of the most flattering pieces of women's apparel because they highlight their inherent beauty and curves. The 6-meter-long cloth has been the focus of the Indian fashion industry for years. Surprisingly, the appeal of a saree is as strong as ever, and it appears that it will continue to be so in the future.

This Indian traditional clothing has undergone numerous alterations and trials over the years. Readymade sarees and fusion sarees are only a few examples. Innovative designs, such as mixing it with modern-cut pants, dhoti pants, palazzos, and even jeans, keep the evergreen saree alive.

These experiments, combined with classic draping, can only go so far in enhancing your appearance. Choosing the right saree is half the battle when it comes to pulling off a saree appearance. To bring out your best features, you must select a saree for body type that corresponds to your specifications.

Choosing The Right Saree For Your Body type

When it comes to body types, sarees that are tailored to your shape and size can work miracles. Each body type necessitates a particular saree with components that are exclusive to that body type.

  1. Pear-Shaped Body:

You have a pear-shaped body type if your hips are broader than your breast, which is relatively smaller. Mermaid saree cuts are best avoided by Indian ladies with this body type since they make your lower body appear larger than it is. Fabrics like georgette and chiffon are good for balancing upper and lower body areas. Bright and pastel colors will look excellent on ladies with this body type when it comes to color.

The seedha pallu design is the ideal drape for a saree on a pear-shaped body since it is proportionate to both portions.

2. Apple-Shaped body

If your bust and stomach are heavier than your hips, you have an apple-shaped body. A saree with embroidery or beaded is ideal for an apple-shaped body. Those with a larger waist can make sure the area is covered by wrapping the saree in a specific way or opting for a longer blouse to tuck the tummy away.

Net fabric is your adversary, so avoid it at all costs. For an apple-shaped figure, silk is the fabric to use for a saree because it brings out the best in you. Choose an ulta-pallu saree for a classic style that also conceals a large waist.

3. Hourglass shaped body:

Indian women with an hourglass figure have a distinct waist and proportionate bust and hips. They are naturally curvy and voluptuous, and sarees are their greatest friend. They can wear sarees made of chiffon, net, and georgette. These fabrics showcase your natural curves while complementing them. Dark-colored sarees with exquisite embroidered work are suitable for hourglass-shaped bodies. You may also go for a blouse with criss-cross strings to elevate your overall look. Heavy decorations should be avoided at all costs. Also, don't go overboard with the drapery around your bodice.

4. Tall and slim body type

Here's how to obtain the ultimate saree look if you're tall and slim. Bold colours, huge designs, and broad and thick borders are just a few saree features to consider. Because sarees with huge designs make you appear shorter than you are, drawing attention away from your height. It's also important to consider the fabric you use. Tall women might look stunning in net and lace-work sarees with a thick border. Cotton sarees, as well as other silk variations, are another option. Clingy fabrics like chiffon and satin should be avoided at all costs.

5. Petite body type:

If you are short and have a slim physique, you have a petite body. Indian traditional attire for such women should have thin borders to make them appear taller than they are. For petite women, large prints and hefty borders are a no-no. The elements to look for in a saree are medium prints and substantial embroidered work. To create the illusion of height, choose a bare-back blouse. You need to pay attention to the details on your sarees because plain sarees will simply make you look smaller. Grey, crimson, and brown saree hues will look stunning on you.

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