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Be the Diva you are with Stunning Traditional Maheshwari Sarees

Maheshwari sarees are lightweight, lustrous drapes made of pure silk and cotton fabric woven with brocade or zari motifs. Checks, floral borders, and stripes appear in the majority of these patterns. Maheshwari sarees were first made in the 18th century at Maheshwar, Madhya Pradesh.

Originally composed of pure silk, these sarees were later combined with cotton to create magnificent sarees, dupattas, and salwar kameez outfits. Traditional Maheshwari sarees are highly sought after sarees with a fascinating history. Queen Rani Ahilya Bai Holkar is said to have commissioned a nine-yard unique saree to be gifted to her family and royal guests from Surat and Malwa. The royal family manufactured heavy work Maheshwari sarees as unique gifts for their guests.

Later, the silk was changed with cotton and made available to other women, yet the saree's elegance and refined appearance were preserved.

Maheshwari Sarees: variety

The motifs weaves, and techniques employed on Maheshwari sarees were influenced by the designs of Madhya Pradesh's forts. Popular designs on these sarees include the Mat pattern (chattai) and the Chameli flower pattern (Chameli ka Phool). The majority of these sarees include a range of patterns and stripes or are plain with lovely borders. There are five different types of Maheswari sarees. The Baingani Chandrakala and Chandrakala are plain sarees, whereas the Beli, Chandratala, and Pardi sarees are striped and checkered sarees.

What makes Maheshwari Sarees Unique

The Maheshwari saree didn't have a lot of color options when it first came out. Maroon, red, black, purple, or green were the traditional colours of the Maheshwari saree. At style carpet, gold and silver threads, as well as lighter colors, may now be found on these sarees. At any wedding, religious holiday, party, or conference, these sarees will give you an effortless graceful, and classy look. Because of their lightweight, they can be worn all year long. The reversible border is a unique feature of this saree, allowing you to wear it from either side. When it comes to age, this saree can be worn by ladies of all ages.

The plain type is preferred by older ladies, while the contemporary type with themes and metallic borders is preferred by middle-aged and young women.

How to Slay in Maheshwari Saree?

Maheshwari Handwoven Ganga Yamuna Border Sarees

This saree is stunning because of the light blue hue and the brown colour combination. The pallu is adorned with golden butis and golden zari in a blue tint. This saree is distinguished by its blue and brown border, which is not found on many other sarees. This saree is a stunning design that may be worn to a wedding or as ethnic wear.

This Maheshwari saree is composed of silk and features a fashionable silver border. This soft and comfortable saree features a blue and chalky pink design that is highly appealing. This gorgeous saree can be worn every day or to any special occasion.

This Maheshwari saree has a royal appearance and is purple with a metallic grey tone. The pallu is basic, while the lower half of the saree is woven with alternating gold and purple butis. The gold and purple contrasted butis create a stunning look that is incredibly eye-catching. To achieve a royal look, pair this stunning saree with a matching blouse and traditional accessories.

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