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5 Small Businesses that offer best Handmade products in India

India is experiencing digitalization. Everything from pin to plane is available online. The handicraft industry is no behind. There are a number of web portals that sell genuine handmade products for craft enthusiasts. These websites have been working as a blessing for small-scale artisans. A few websites even source the products directly from artisans. Through these websites, the artisans get all the appreciation and price they deserve. Also their market size increases. If you are a handicraft enthusiast, This blog is definitely for you.

Websites that showcase the best handicrafts from Indian Artisans

  1. Kashmirbox

  2. Okhai

  3. Bharat Karigar

  4. Jaypore

  5. Suta

Let's discuss the websites in Details:

Kashmir Box is a beautiful initiative for Kashmiri artisans. To raise their standard of living. A small percentage of total profits goes to the foundation that helps artisans and their families education, marriages, etc. The birth of Kashmiri Box is thought of young minds who went online for the sole purpose of promoting traditional Kashmiri heritage. The KB team was prone to improve the lives of thousands of talented Kashmiri artisans and vowed to make a difference. In a timespan, of Seven years Kashmir Box turned out to be a marketplace for local artisans and entrepreneurs. The initiative not only provided a platform to develop their entrepreneur skills but also created employment opportunities in the state. The artisans and partners in Kashmir Box get to sell their products under their own names, which gives them a sense of accomplishment and pride.

It is a one-stop destination for genuine Kashmiri products lovers. It offers a variety of products from Kashmiri Saffron to Kashmiri handicrafts.

Indulge in the goodness of Kashmiri dry fruits procured directly from the orchids of Kashmir Valley. Wholesome Kashmiri walnuts, Kashmiri almonds, Figs, and much more to choose from. Give yourself the gift of health. Koshur, a Kashmir Box initiative, was born out of a relentless focus on quality to encourage a healthy and beautiful lifestyle. We endeavor to create feelings of delight amongst our patrons by bringing forth the best of food from the fields of Kashmir. Choose and buy online from among the wide variety of dry fruits we offer and we will get it delivered to your doorstep, anywhere in the world.

A timeless luxury that has always been a symbol of sophistication and class - Cashmere Pashmina. The word Pashmina has been derived from the word “Pashm” which literally means soft gold. Introduced in the 14th century in the valley, Kashmiri Pashmina is believed to be the finest of all Pashminas in the world. Original Pashmina as per Grassroot artisans can be used for over 100 years which undoubtedly makes it a timeless luxury. Choose from among the wide range of Kani Pashminas, Embroidered Pashminas, Plain, and Modern design Pashminas online with us - Kashmir Box - The largest platform for Cashmere from Kashmir.

Saffron, the world’s most expensive spice is derived from crocus sativus, or the purple saffron flower. The saffron strands that we all are familiar with are basically the styles and stigma of the flower which are collected and dried to be sold at prices of gold. Kashmiri saffron is the rarest and the most expensive form of saffron available in the world. The reason for this is its limited production of just over 2000 kgs, which is very less as compared to other producers of saffron. Also, what distinguishes Pure Kashmiri saffron from Italian, Spanish or Afghani Saffron is its highest levels of safranal, crocin, and picrocrocin. These three compounds are responsible for giving kashmiri saffron its intense color, aroma and a deep pungent taste. Choose and buy online from among the different types of saffron we offer and we will get it delivered to you

Okhai products offer contemporary designs, all reasonably priced. Proceeds from sales help these artisans help themselves – Okhai’s mission is to encourage women from less privileged backgrounds to acquire new skills; to give them the self-confidence and self-esteem required to earn by their own industry and initiative, and to enable them to carry this newly discovered skill and confidence into the wider world. Okhai understands

the rich culture and traditions that these rural communities are steeped in and translate this heritage into products by pairing traditional art with contemporary designs and modern processes.

As a brand, Okhai Handicrafts constitutes ladies’ wear, men’s wear, home décor products and accessories. Okhai products use mirror work, patchwork and embroidery created as a vibrant expression of the rural way of life, their rituals and their legends.

Okhai has been identified as a promising means of generating livelihood for hundreds of rural artisans. Okhai has made a significant contribution to the lives of the women artisans working with it, which has helped improve their economic as well as social status.

Okhai offers a variety of products from apparals to eco-friendly home decor.

Bharat Karigar is a thoughtful platform created to provide a market-place to our unseen talented artists, crafts professionals, designers, teachers, and give them exposure. You may find the best handmade products online in India to add a pinch of creativity to your amazing life. Bharat Karigar is an online marketplace where people come together to avail you with unique handmade items ranging from Lifestyle Store, Home Décor, handloom sarees, handloom textiles, other handloom products in India, Gifts, and many more (Trust us, we got you almost covered). This is created to connect you directly with the amazing handicrafts out there and help you something extraordinary suiting your perfect taste.

image source: Bharat Karigar

Bharat Karigar offers a variety of products from Lifestyle to gifts. The Products are handcrafted by talented artisans and entrepreneurs of India.

Jaypore is keen on bringing the world a little closer. The organization aims at discovering the best designs from the best artisans and present them to the ultimate customers at their doorsteps. Jaypore is a business that processes stories rather than sales. Jaypore is a storyteller, about amazing products, and the amazing people behind the art. The main focus is on high-quality products, with unique quality craftsmanship. The main categories they involve are home decor, jewelry, apparel, gifts, vintage items, etc.

'Suta' is a beautiful journey of Sujata and Taniya. The two young ladies have put their souls and hearts in sarees and apparels. The idea was just by wandering how those Bengali weavers weave so efficiently, and now they are one of the leading in the market. They worked at bringing the best sarees, dresses, and blouses to their customers. Every product from Suta is crafted with love and has a special journey.


Craftsmen and artisans selling their arts can easily list their products on specialized markets. Here they can find potential customers and a like-minded community of creators and sellers.

It would be an opportunity for them because they could the customers who are searching for them and get what they deserve in return. They could explore different markets at minimum costs.


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