Curio Art Personified

Ankita Sharma: She is born and brought up in Ajmer, Rajasthan, and completed her engineering in 2013. After graduation, she realised that she is probably not born to do an IT job and started exploring the career in crafts as she has always been passionate and excited to learn different types of arts, spent 10 months with curio and struggled with the audience connection and it didn’t go in the direction it was supposed to. So, she decided to look for a job and worked for 6.5 years in different industries but it never quenched her thirst and then this pandemic allowed her to think about what she actually wanted to pursue for the rest of her life. And this was the time when she got this idea to learn macrame art and start something with it. And when it all started, nothing could stop her to grow herself within the art, Curio got started in May 2020 and started getting opportunities and acknowledgment in the very first few days. This was the true motivation for her to live her dreams and she feels blessed & proud to have Curio where it is today.

Megha Sharma: She is pursuing engineering and has always been inclined towards art & crafts. We appreciate her continuous support and dedication, her specialties are fast learning, discipline and undoubtedly, she believes in finishing every single product with absolute perfection. Her maturity and patience reflects in her work and play the most important role to deliver such beautiful products.

Sonali Sen: She is a young girl, having the dream of becoming a Doctor and serving people. Besides this, she is passionate about art & crafts and keeps experimenting and learning new things on her own. This enthusiasm brought her here to Curio and she became the first person to join us. She is also an entertainer and keeps the energy high of all by her cute & silly jokes.